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International Patient Care

This company, through its medical staff, accepts referral of complex, urgent and routine medical and surgical cases from all over the world.  We are able to arrange clinical care of patients by London based teaching hospital NHS Consultants and academic staff in large private hospitals with facilities for every aspect of patient management.  We admit patients to the Wellington Hospital and other HCA hospitals in Central London, including the new private wing at University College Hospital.  Patient transfer by air ambulance can be arranged where necessary. 

Provisional estimates of costs for consultations, investigations and inpatient management are provided based on available information. Contact us for full details.  We can help with arrangements about short term visas to allow patients and a relative to come to the UK for specific treatment.

Arrangements can be made for British Consultants to visit overseas hospitals to offer advice on repatriation and management.

Our Consultants have special expertise in cancer management, ranging from screening, to primary multi modal therapy and the management of recurrent and advanced malignant disease.